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Natural Olive Oil Soap Shampoo with Maple Oil


We use it for multiple use: Shampoo, body, hands, face, shaving.


Properties it imparts :

Ideal soap for the whole family.

One soap for multiple use, Shampoo, Body, Hair, Shaving

The rich foam leaves you with a feeling of freshness and hydration in your body!

Additional properties of Daphne:

  • Gives a shiny effect to the hair.
  • It makes hair stronger.
  • It acts as a "shield" of protection against hair loss.
  • It fights the split ends of the hair.

For shaving you can enjoy it using the bar directly on you or with a shaving brush, the rich lather will soothe your skin and will pleasantly surprise you!

Skin type:
  For all skin types.


Greek product.