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Plant Glycerin Detoxifying - Slimming Soap with Essential Oils of Cinnamon and Laurel and


We use it for : The Body.


Properties imparted by the materials : 

The Essential Oils, Cinnamon and Peppermint, Black Mud of the Dead Sea, Seaweed, Spirulina, Green Clay helps us for Detoxifying, Slimming, Healing, Cleansing!

It also helps and soothes rheumatism and muscle pains.


Skin type:   For all skin types.


Greek product


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The raw materials used for the Vegetable Glycerin Soap were:

Vegetable Glycerin.

Peppermint Essential Oil .

Essential Oil.


Mud from the dead sea.

Vegetable Spirulina.


Weight: 140 gr.

The process of the product produced in the traditional way and the selection of raw materials is done for a better result and we show our respect to you and our contribution to the protection of the environment.

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Weight 140 g
Essential Oil

Kanellas, Mentas